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Useful Information

We’ve collated a list of generally asked questions to help you prepare/get ready for the trip.  If there is any more detailed information or topics we’ve missed out on, please do get in touch.

Passport & Visa

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport (for at least six months after your return date) and the correct visa for Ghana. We advise that you apply for a tourist visa.  For most nationalities this must be arranged in advance and organized at least one month before travel. Check with the relevant immigration authorities or for visa application advice and information.


It would be bias for us to advise you objectionally about the security issues for the sub-contenient, we suggest that you review one of the following resources and then ask us to clarify the situation from our perspective as people who live locally!
UK gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
USA; www.travel.state.gov
Canada; www.travel.gc.ca
Australia; smartraveller.gov.au.
Whenever travelling you should be aware of the risk of opportunist crime and take common sense precautions to minimize the chance of becoming a victim. The vast majority of visits are trouble-free, but contact us if you have any specific questions about your safety.


 Your prophylactic medication is strongly recommended for your time in Malarial zones. Please note that we cannot provide specific medical advice either pre- departure or during your time as we are not qualified medical professionals.  Please review –  www.masta.org.

There are other inoculations which you will need to get. Yellow Fever is compulsory, you must bring the actual yellow fever certificate with you in order to enter the country. This will be checked at immigration on entry so ensure you carry your certificate in your hand luggage.

The following will help you be more aware and consequently be safer:

  • It is important we take the necessary precautions to reduce the chance of getting bitten by mosquitos. Remember to take your malaria medication whilst in-country. Applying insect repellent and loose fitting long sleeved cotton clothing offers some protection from mosquito bites.
  • Get into a routine for taking malarial pills
  • Tap water is contaminated. You should only drink ‘pure’ (sold in bottles and bags), boiled or purified water (done by the team on site). Buying bottled or pure water is very common.
  • Food preparation is very important and we will ensure all food is cleaned and cooked properly.
  • HIV/AIDS is prevalent. You can protect yourself from this disease by your own behaviour. For general recommendations www.masta.org is a great source of information.

Kit & Equipment

Please note that the kit list provided once you sign up is intended to help you pack for your trip but should not be taken as a comprehensive or compulsory list of items to take. Obviously this changes depending on whether you are already out travelling and joining our trips in country or whether you are flying in specifically to join a trip. Some people are comfortable travelling lighter than others, and there may be some items which you feel you can survive without. If travelling alone you should ensure you can carry your belongings for a short distance without help.  Please contact us if in doubt about anything!


We will be providing the necessary camping equipment in the form of camp beds, mosquito net tents whilst you are camping.  Otherwise you will stay in a traditional simple and clean guesthouse with lockable doors and mosquito netted windows. and we will provide all the necessary cooking and cleaning equipment. Whilst camping will have access to a lockable storage for valuables.

For camping and guesthouse stays there will be access to toilets and showers, but not as you know them!  The toilets might be a long drop and the showers might be bucket showers.  Access to water is likely to be via buckets or jerry can containers which we always have due to the unreliable nature of the mains water supply. You will be responsible for doing your own laundry. You are likely to have restricted access to electricity, but the electrical current in is 220 volts. Plugs are usually the same as those in the UK.  Power cuts do occur frequently so it is essential to bring a torch and spare batteries as per the kit list.

Local Cuisine

Trying the local food is an important and enjoyable part of the cultural experience you will have and although locals do understand that Westerners eat different foods they are always flattered and sometimes surprised to hear that you have eaten their local foods.

Our cook team will prepare a healthy balance of local food ‘tamed’ for the softer pallet! Breakfast typically includes coffee, tea, eggs, bread and/or various types of porridge. Lunch and dinner will consist of soups, rice, beans, curries, pasta, bread. Palm oil is used in many recipes as is red pepper making many dishes rather spicy!  If you wanted to learn how to cook local foods then you are more than welcome to assist!

Eating out will consist of fairly similar experiences, a nice blend of local & western foods will be experienced in a blend of different local style restaurants or eating ‘spots’.

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